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US Supreme Court Begins Term With Eight Justices   

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The U.S. Supreme Court returned to work for the first time Monday since the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg amid controversy over her replacement.The Supreme Court will begin this term as it ended the last one — hearing cases via teleconference to protect against the spread of COVID-19. The court, now comprised of eight justices instead of nine, is expected to hear several high-profile cases this term, including the fate of the Affordable Care Act.The first case of the new term is centered around a provision in the Delaware constitution mandating that courts be ideologically balanced.Chief Justice John Roberts paid tribute to Ginsburg, who died Sept. 18, before hearing opening arguments Monday. He called Ginsburg a “dear friend and a treasured colleague.”President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg on the Court. Democrats on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee said Republicans are rushing the confirmation process and reiterated calls for postponing the review of Barrett’s nomination until after the presidential inauguration in January 2021.  

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