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 Grand Jury Charges Former Louisville, Kentucky Officer in Death of Breonna Taylor

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A grand jury in the U.S. city of Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday charged a former police officer with wanton endangerment linked to the shooting death of Breonna Taylor in a bungled drug raid in March, but decided that two other officers were justified in firing their weapons and cleared them of wrongdoing.The lone officer charged in the case, Brett Hankison, had already been fired from the city police department after an investigation showed he fired 10 shots into Taylor’s apartment through a sliding glass door covered with blinds, violating police rules that they should have a clear line of sight before firing their weapons.The grand jury charged Hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment, concluding that the shots he fired went through into the apartment next door to Taylor’s and endangered three people living there. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

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